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How we help local organizers

As community organizers, we are asked repeatedly about transgender resources in our area. Members of our community need doctors, hair removal, surgeries, you name it, they need it. While we sometimes have the answers, other times, we do not. Perhaps the needed service doesn't exist within your city or you personally do not know of a provider but you know someone else who might. By pooling our knowledge and making it accessible to the community at large, we make it easier to put members of our community on the right path and enable them to offer their opinions on existing service providers for others to see.

How we help local communities provides a community-driven catalog of available resources at the fingertips of every trans person with an internet connection. Through our rating and comment system, individuals can share their experiences in order to minimize negative interactions with service providers and their staff.

By having an international network of resources, we enable our community members to make informed choices regarding travel and relocation, in addition to services at home.

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